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Why you need to understand your priorities?


“A priority is the concern, interest or desire that comes before all others.” Priorities in life is very important to understand in order to put the genuine effort and time on it. It can be planned to your day-to-day tasks, but priority here means the life line priority where we have to decide the result or happiness or the outcomes of the decision.

Priority helps us to set boundaries what to do or what not to? It led to structure a day in meaningful day.

Here’s an ordered list of what’s my most important priorities in life should be-

1. Family

On top most priority I placed my family because if we alone in the earth nothing would matter much, family is always there to support in every pons and cons of life. Someone who love, care, make you feel happy so they are beyond anything.

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2. Career

In order to have good future name and frame in society I need to focus on my career likewise nowadays I am writing so, my more focused on do better and better daily.

3. Health

First rule is care yourself, peace in mind and stronger physically is very important, do meditate, give at least 10 min of day to yourself daily.  Do spiritual practices to keep calm and healthy.

4. Money

You earn money for financial security, you work to feed your family, you take care of those who depend on your money lead your survival easy.

5. Development

What I am? If am not growing? Life changes daily we have to adopt the new things and learned something interesting or life becomes boring.

6. Entertainment

Have fun Happiness isn’t just in money, is in our heart, It’s all around you, in little things which can keep you happy Forever .

This are most top priority of my life what are your priority, priority may change according to time or age. Don’t get confused make your priority list to have future planned.

As Scott Caan said, “Good things happen when you get your priorities straight.Do comments what your priority?


Avani S. Rawal

One thought on “Why you need to understand your priorities?

  1. I am totally impressed with your priority list. Your points are rights so i also want to share my priority list
    1. Health – If our body is not healthy or we have any serious problem then our life is shattered. Our happiness collapses.
    2. Family – Family comes here because we alone can’t survive in this cruel world. Our family support us in our ups and downs.
    3. money or career – In this world we can’t even survive without money. We need money for everything.
    4. self development – Just like our phone and apps are updated regularly we need to update our self.
    5. Entertainment – This is also important but for only 30 minutes or 1 hour. Other than that it can stop our self growth. Instead of work we do timepass and it can cause us many things.

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