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Relationships a problem or solution?

Relationships a problem or solution by jivandarshan

Have you ever asked yourself that what is relationship, I asked many times same question that why we have to uphold our relation with anybody?

Wrong Predication

Even now also I not getting the answers but yes through my journey I learned many lessons with different stages of my life. First of all is very easy to judge anybody’s connection or correlation, so my point is that every one has their own individual personality own links so instead of conclude them we must look ourselves that weather we are maintaining our life connections better, are we happy?


Relation can be of father-son, daughter-mother, or husband with wife etc. I just want to explain that in every family, office , society, culture are very dissimilar to each other so some might’s to franks in there relation a few might very restrictive because of the environment they belongs to , personally should respect everyone’s feelings and emotions I just want to give short examples to you to understand what actually I am talking about :

In collages if you have party some students don’t even require the permissions of there parents, some may need to ask and take permission but some of not even try to ask because they know that there parents won’t allow them to go for party, as we judging them they parents are to good and my parents are too narrow minded but it not actually what we thinking and made predications for others we must try analysis there situation and there sentiments In every relation there is age factor things, which are right for you now, might not right after few years .

Every connection is very important is pace of life just go with the flow and enjoy every single part of creature or soul. You must think you are the character of some movie where actor has to play different roles in order to entertain as just like we have to maintain our relations so that life would be more joyful, be optimistic things will go automatically in fever of you.

Noted lesson: “The more you give the more you take.” Follow this mantra for fortunate life.

According to you with whom your relation is tougher to handle?

Do comments I am waiting to give your answer. So that your hard to handle connection became easier to carry.

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