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Is valentine day is only day to show your love ?

Is valentine day is only day to show your love by jivandarshan

According to ancient times this day is celebrate to show your love, feelings to your partner ,friends ,family whom you want to show love but nowadays this valentine day is only to celebrate for exchanging  gifts to make your girlfriend or boyfriend happy or I say young couple celebrate valentine’s day in big way and dress in fine in order to show there love feeling for each other.

Why don’t we celebrate this day with anyone or with everyone this is beautiful day to celebrate with your parents, cousins, friends, etc.

Here are some points to celebrate valentine by different ways:

You can gift something to your parents :-

Parents are most wonderful creature of this world they are one who created us, why not we give something to them in order to feel them special, we can go out for dinner or we can give them time by helping them or going to cinema, spend a good time with them or having a one cup of tea make there day perfect.

Appreciate those who care for you :-

In this busy life we forget some of our people who connected with us who cares for us we should thankful for them send roses to them they can be parents or teachers those who are behind your shape moulding process.

Go for outing with friends or family:-

Ask your friend to go for outing have fun or having long drives to show your love and feeling to them.

Love yourself :-

Just one day pamper yourself by treating you like prince/princess feel every seconds of your life, do that things that makes you happy, enjoy music, order food that you like most, gift something to yourself.

Do something for someone:-

Someone means here people who can’t afford to celebrate this valentine days give them food, or you can give your tight clothes, shoes etc spend some time with old age home people they will really very happy and joyful.

Thank god for all things you have:-

Lastly we should thank god for giving all the facility that we are using, for giving everything, that we are having, In fact we should thanks god daily for giving wonderful life .

So, I just want to share my views, that all up to you how you want to celebrate these days, just enjoy the way you celebrate, be happy forever.

How you celebrate your valentine let me know do comments so that I can get most interesting ideas.

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