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What is love ? Love is blind? Love is complicated?

What is love by jivandarshan

Love is blind? Love is complicated? Love is in air? Love is war? Love is chemical reactions?

Love is blind ?- In order to more loving you should, to understand what is love its not just feeling – it’s a commitment, it’s an action, and it’s a decision.

Love is not about fairy tale story having happy endings and smooth life, love starts when life problem starts struggling when you are with your love partner in their difficult times, genuine love begins after the honeymoon ends and real-life start.

Relationships a problem or solution?

If you arein relationship then many times you face difficulties, many times you thinks love is lost in between us but this is not true, this is good to be true, and that’s fine you can’t always help what you think.

You can become more loving partner by following certain ways:

Commitment is important :-

If you decide to be in relationship than make sure you should work towards its growth and it’s never too late to make decision commits.

Communicate your love once:-

Talking will solve your half of the problem you can understand them better and knows what actually both you wants, priority of each other in fact actions speaks louder than words so  make the gestures, make food for each other asking him/her for dinner. Take the actions to show love to your partner.

Be helpful to each other :-

In this new era of life where everyone is busy so both the partner help each other if one is making food other should wash the utensils or one is take care of children then another should bring grocery for home.

Give space:-

Allowing partner to have fun with family and friends is important don’t be like cctv camera for 24/7. Every one has individuality to explore and to entertain ourselves.


Try to  listen what your partner want to say sometimes in arguments no one is wrong but we have to listen to each other try to avoids ego in between that everything will be sorted out easily.


Love is very beautiful feelings in this world, don’t spoil it, just follow the tips and you will master in it, it takes a great deal in relationship remember is an action, commitments and decision of life time. Lots of sacrifice are to be made for priceless relationship.

Be supportive to each other every single time. Do comments and share it.

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