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Are you scared or afraid ?

Are you scared or afraid by jivandarshan

What is fear –The most general term and implies anxiety and usually loss of courage. Fear of anything will make you discomfort or you don’t want to happen that thing.Are you scared or afraid ?

Fear can classified in various things such as:-Are you scared or afraid ?

1. Change :-

As we all know this rapid changing in world will lead to fear , fear of change to adopt new things ,and you are not willing to change than many opportunities will lose or you stuck on same thing.

2.   Rejections :-

Many people avoid social gathering or having in any relationship or scared to talk with  new people they have fear to losing them or being rejected by them, they are very introvert people to make new friends ,such as example in office if you have to give presentation but you have fear of rejection than you can’t give the presentation just because of your fear.

3. Being judge :-

People are not taking in risk  just because of being judge by someone what society thinks or it’s right what I’m doing or speaking ,I think this fear lead to you from being your true self. Just remember people will judge you hardly but you have to trusting that, you are mentally and emotionally very strong to have better life.

4.Loneliness :-  

People feel they have lack companionship ,feel left out ,feel outgoing and friendly ,that type people may connect the people through social media but difficult to making face-to-face connections. Just keep touch in healthy people or people who can motivates you.

5. Failure :-

Failing makes you worry about what other people think about you. People who have fear of failure are motivated to avoid failing not because they cannot manage the basic emotions and disappointment, anger and frustration but failing also makes them feel deep shame.

6. Unpredictability :-

People often avoid trying something different for fear of uncertainty .because they are having fear that doing something new  will make there life happy or not. Weather you afraid of new job or new city to swift you have fear of uncertainty.

I just want to tell that people have fear but how we overcome through it’s very important remember that we have to make our fear into our strength.

Settings quietly, feeling what you feel, eventually your mind corrects and everything falls into the place. Be relax..

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